Friday, March 12, 2010

"Subterranean" for Illustration Friday

Here's my entry for this weeks topic "Subterranean"

There's a deep dark well in which we reside and seek solitude

where ideas are born, nurtured or sometimes laid to rest.

I am not Always a procrastinator!

Okay, this is for all of you who think you know me, I am not a procrastinator  ...well at least not today.  I have to admit, one of my favorite movies (and yes, it was already ancient by the time I saw it as a kid in Virginia), is "Gone With The Wind" and my heroine was Scarlett, with all her faults and strengths, there's one phrase that stuck in my mind even back then "Tomorrow is another day".  Well that motto has served me well most of the time, but I had a few paintings that needed my attention, so I went back to painting and here they are (I tend to ramble on). I'm told I write the way I speak, it takes me a while to get to the point. 
Here's my "Unicorn Dreams" which I just posted on eBay, and I'm actually really happy with the way it turned out.  Sometimes when I start a painting I have a general idea of where I'm going with it, but then the brush takes over and well get the idea!

I also finished this little one, entitled "Clingy" can you see why?

I doodle constantly when I'm at work, I design Kitchens and usually I'm on hold with vendors on a constant basis and well, you know how boring that music is ..sometimes a really cute doodle gets turned into a painting ..multitasking at its best!

A rainy March Day

I'm sitting at my computer looking out the window and thinking to myself I really need to paint!  It's such a gloomy drizzly day and frankly I'm a bit more motivated right now to curling up on the couch with a good book, my cat and my warm fuzzy blanket,  then climbing to  the 3rd floor (my tiny little studio) and painting.  Today feels like a lazy day.  I don't get those very often because I'm usually working, cleaning or painting and whenever I get "the lazy day feeling" I end up well ...feeling guilty!

Enough said, I probably will paint because I do have a few new creative ideas.  I just found a ready source for my paints, Micheal's has finally started carrying Golden acrylics so I no longer have to order them and wait for them to arrive.  If I run out, it's a 15 minute drive instead of waiting a week for them to arrive by mail.  

I finally tried a few prints and they came out fairly well.  I've never made prints before of any of my paintings, so this was new to me.  If they seem to do well, I may invest in a better printer.  I have several printers now including a laser, but for some reason (probably my great photographing skills) I never seem to get the colors exactly right. 

I adopted a new Kitty and Limone finally has a sister (oh, yes, he's thrilled and doing somersaults), no seriously, he's adjusting very nicely, just acts like he's doing me a huge favor by being nice to her, all the while he has this pained expression on his face.  I'll have to photograph the two of them and put them on my blog, maybe next week.

I've listed several new paintings on eBay and I'll probably list a few more tonight.  It's really difficult with the poor lighting to get the photos just right (it's my story and I'm sticking with it)!

Here are a few I'm working on, feedback welcomed :)

This is the first in a series of nursery rhymes and fairy tales I'm currently painting.  This one is called Little Miss Rabbet.  I'm doing all my little characters as bunnies.  I love bunnies, and when I'm not including a cat in my paintings, rabbits are the next best thing ..they're like a cat with long ears and a short fluffy tail ..ok, just got another "look" from Limone!

This one is called Little Red Bunbun Hood.  I love the Little Red Riding Hood theme and I've painted quite a few paintings of this theme over the years but this is the first rabbit I've ever painted witha red hood and dress ..I sort of like the way she came out. 

Well, this is my blogging for the day and probably week ..I decided I'm getting off  my lazy behind and marching myself right upstairs to paint!

Thanks all :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

This is my entry for this week for Illustration Friday's topic "BRAVE"

This is a painting I recently painted and currently have on eBay for sale.  I love the expression on her face, such determination that I decided to name this particular painting 

"Face your Fear"


Sometimes in order to face our fears we have to be proactive.  In this case a nice sensible baseball bat and a loyal companion Kitty is all it took to conquer her fear of "The Closet Monster"!

Friday, February 19, 2010

"Propagate" for Illustration Friday


 What some may see as weeds others see as wildflowers

Friday, February 12, 2010

"Adrift" for Illustration Friday

Here's my newest entry for next weeks topic "adrift"

Letting go, trusting in fate, relinquishing control, being adrift ..can truly be freeing least for a while!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Muddy" for Illustration Friday

Here's my entry for the "Muddy" topic of the week.
Rainy days are muddy days but not for this kitty!

Post Blizzard ...Just another snowy day

I can't believe we just had our third major snowstorm in a row.  There is so much snow outside, it's blinding!  The first day or so it's nice but after that I start to yearn for something other than thermal wear ...I miss the sun!

I have painted some new paintings which I just posted last night on eBay and on top of this I finally decided to do a little Spring cleaning in anticipation in the area of my art work (don't mention house cleaning yet ...please).  I listed a bunch of paintings with buy it now and best offer on eBay  these are paintings that for some reason I still have.  I'm running out of studio space so they must find new homes so I have the room to create more.  My studio is on the third floor of my house and it's not very big, can be drafty but it does have some charm and the best thing about it, I can close the door and be by myself with just Limone and me.

Limone is my cat and my shadow and he thinks he's a budding artist.  He loves to help (a little too much) and he's also handy and willing to lend a paw whenever I wrap my paintings as well anyone allergic to Kitty cats ..well you know.

This painting is called The Keeper and I enjoyed painting this one ..lots of inspiration from Limone on that one.


The painting is much nicer in person but my photography is about as good as my blogging ...needs work!
I also painted my "Flower Girls" which I have not posted on eBay yet and may do so tonight.  This is my ode to Spring painting and I really like the way they came out.  This was mostly a mixed media piece and everyone knows, I love collage and bees wax!

My last painting which I just finished and it's not quite dry even as I'm typing (though I just took a picture of it) is called "Bunny Recitals" and I receive a lot of "Oh, she's so cute" from my niece (she's seven) and I'm not sure if this one will make it to eBay or not (I think I'm going to paint one for Elena with her own hair color ..she'll love that). 

I heard the front door slam which means any second now I'll be hearing "what's for dinner?"  ...I'd rather be painting!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 2010

I must be the worst blogger in history!  I can't believe another year has gone and I've done absolutely nothing on this blog. I'm sure I'm not getting a lot of traffic from anyone reading my blog (there's not much to read) but I have been busy painting.  I'm still eBay, though the traffic is slow, but it doesn't quell my inspiration to share my work. 

Here are a couple of paintings that I just recently finished and haven't put up for sale yet.  Hope you enjoy them.

This is one of my Valentine paintings "love", I really love the way she came out.  The mermaid is also really cute.  I haven't done mermaids in ages and I really wanted to paint one again and what better time than now! 



Books I love

  • Kim Harrison "Rachel Morgan" series, Richelle Mead, Stacia Kane, Patricia Briggs and Karen Chance